String Theory

Just poems... Mostly Haiku strung together, thus the name of "String Theory"

The brightly lit turmoil
Beneath the dirt

Hidden in the dark,
Laid out upon blank canvas
Waiting to be found

Meant to bring nothing
Solely searching for purpose
Amongst the rubble

Useless hours gone
Wasted, spent on silly lies
Abiding your time left

Desperate for love
Chasing after only air
Silently pleading

It's simply not fair
To observe happy people
Achieving your dreams

Ageless time bleeding
Pouring from the tainted Earth
A stunning release

Your soul leaking out
Of every pore, staining
The carpet with hope

your heart burning up
Itching to wander freely
Soar above the road

Limits no longer
Restraints are non-existent
The chains are broken

The whole world trembles
Shrouded in lovely colors
Overjoyed to love

The End

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