stress ghost

i have been so stressed out so this poem just came out of me some how.

Stress is like a ghost it keeps creeping up on you and never goes away

Even when i relax the ghost of stress comes back and haunts me

Every time i try and get rid of the ghost of stress it always returns more powerful than last time

I just want the stress ghost to get away from me for a while but it always stays with me no matter what i do to get rid of it

Everyone I know has their own form of the stress ghost but some show and others do not show their stress ghost

Maybe one day the stress ghost will find a new person to haunt instead of me that would make my day

Loud noises, lots of hw, tests to study for and events to get ready for make the stress ghost more powerful then ever

The only way i have found to get rid of the stress ghost is relaxing but the downside is the stress ghost always comes back to haunt me

There are all shapes and sizes of the stress ghost it just depends on your stress level

Currently my stress ghost is medium since i have made it smaller by relaxing and meditation but i bet it will get bigger soon

Also people in class who are distracting make the ghost of stress bigger for some people

Loud music makes the stress ghost bigger and powerful for some people like me

Sometimes my stress ghost makes me want to scream very loudly

Writer's block makes my stress ghost huge but when i finally get my idea the stress ghost gets really tiny 

The End

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