streetlights on pool tiles

and everything flickers, 
like life on a movie-screen

the bright fluorescence embedded deep in the ceiling 
throws warped rectangles of light 
distorted by the water
to play across the smooth tiling of the pool floor

and my feet scramble for purchase, 
arms half-windmilling in the silence, 
skin soaking in water and eyes closed for fear of drowning

chlorine hangs thick and heavy in the air, 
poignant as it pierces the quiet, 
sinking into my fingers 
as they drag through the water

my knees knock against the side, 
cool surfaces meeting my overheated flesh

and i am suspended

detached from reality

lips parting to allow breath, 
my lungs expand, 
pulling air into my chest,
teeth filtering and whistling the oxygen

and then the world is blurred, 
my eyes shutting of their own accord, 
eyelashes sticking to each other with the wetness

and my shoulders are gyrating with the upwards motions
i am forced to make in order to be able to submerge myself
with my toes straining for the bottom as my legs straighten

there is no goal. 
i just tilt my neck back 
and pry my eyelids apart
until my retinas try to conjure tears in the face of chlorine

and i am staring at the light,
bright even through the barrier, 
and then craning to get a better look 
at the floor tiles

as i half my body 
and pull back my arms 
to drag me down 

my lungs protest, devoid of oxygen, 
but i remain ignorant. 
i trail wrinkling, damp fingers down the bottom
and widen my eyes 
to take in the sight of clear water-warped plays of light. 

and i am content, 
drowned in water
and sickened by chlorine. 

this will be my end one day
but once, it was my beginning. 

The End

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