streak the sky with your sadness and leave it to rot in the sunlight

just read something really sad

and now im crying really hard and kind of need to write something

and tears run down this face
like a salty waterfall
that refuses to cease

and i'm not a pretty crier,
i sob in stuttering, heaving breaths,
small noises of despair
wrenching themselves from my throat

and my thighs burn from all this running
but it was the only way to lose the monsters
if only for a little while

i think i pulled a muscle in my back
knew i shouldn't have waited for you,
waited for you to lift this burden off my back
instead i had to hack it off

i cannot deal with this overwhelming sadness
like i leaned into a kiss 
only to discover the person's lips were coated in arsenic

but debilitating illness
is possibly one of the saddest things
although sometimes they're just glad to die

my keyboard's out of whack,
spinning in and out of focus,
twisting under these fingers

and my hands, oh my hands,
i could do nothing if not for these appendages,
the ones that claw at electric-blue eyes
as rings of red appear
like some messed up mask

but i'll drown in this
in the people left behind by death
because it leaves so much to be empty,
so much that was there
and is now gone

i can't claim to be a sympathetic reader
 but i do know that the collar of my nightshift
has soaked through with all these tears
as i muffle the sounds of disparity between my heart and mind
and my thumb is red after being bitten to stifle too-loud sobs

i'm just a soaking-through, weeping mess,
cracked at the seams and using tea bags as superglue,
making a vow of it was always myself against the world
even though i wouldn't stand a chance.

so i will persevere because that's all that's left
after i've been wrung out and left to dry
and i will wipe the salty liquid from my cheeks
and i will leave my soul to grieve for another
on some other day

The End

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