Stranger in time

A Time-Travel poem :)

Travelling back in time one day
I inadvertently ran into my own namesake
We stared at each other in muted disbelief
each pondering the meaning of this mistake

He had a much better life than I
and that fact did really rankle me
Did we not share the same stories?
or did my travel somehow change history?

Whatever he had I wanted so badly
and that blind desire made me realize
My namesake had understood this too
when he glimpsed cold murder in my eyes

Grabbing a weapon , I hit him hard
and killing him wrought no fear
After all he was but only a copy of me
In his place now I could simply appear

His life I very quietly inherited
But I was haunted by my own ghost
Did I kill him or was I killed?
This question haunted me the most

Even though into his life I integrated
to them simply a stranger I was
Often times I caught them staring
silently evaluating all my flaws

I was really the same person
yet the other one wasn't really me
A stranger I was in both the  worlds
and I realized that most regrettably

The End

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