Stranger in MeMature

Its basacally about wanting to be free or die

Theres a stranger in my body!

She makes people see as

cruel and mean and even as a lier

but im on the inside screaming

to be freed.

The me that everyone 

sees is cold and hard but the

me lurking on the inside is soft

and kind!!!!!

I cant get out and im

fading away more everyday!

Wont someone help me please??????

I just want this intruder to

release me so i can be free

happy and me.

Does no one see that she is killing me?!?!?!

Everytime i fall asleep it

becomes harder to wake!My strength

is waning.....I can feel myself

slipping..........thats it the real

me is gone!She has taken

over.She is cruel and harsh

her words are being spoken out

my mouth and they kill people.But

the real me is gone now

so why try to show up again?

Why does this stranger hold

me hostage.She wont release me.

So much to do and so

little time to do it in!

Why are things  going so bad!!??!?!?!?!?!

I was tired and falling it was all i could do

just to keep from dying.......well.



The End

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