Strange Disease

She leads me to an Eden I have never been before
all my problems were all but forgotten
I was sick in spirit but high on negligence
I wanted to drown that very night
My bones break beneath the weight of my failing world
I see only decay but I am attracted to the rose-tinted view
upon the landscape where seem so insignificant
more to ourselves than to each other
She leaves me when I begin to fall in love
a kick in the teeth I know eventually occurs
but I deny anyway
But I want more and more even if I cross the line
all the seraphs change to the devils I am afraid of
I never realised I was feeding this strange disease
But I didn’t care
I wanted to see her again even as my body collapsed
I almost died from this fixation
My skin has suffered a sickly ochre tint
withered like a flower
I would gladly tear the petals
to see her
and be swept away onto the shore
Thirsty, my throat burns
she leads me to the fountains of old
Lets me have a taste before pushing me away
I will have to spend tonight alone
I will see her
but whether I’ll feel the same remains to be seen

The End

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