Strange & Beautiful

For anyone who has experienced Bittersweet love, this is mine.

You're so complex.

With this woven front you put up to the world. And all that comes with your overriding correctness and your extra forty hours. You have an impenetrable mind.

You're like stormy weather.

You can change in a second from my favorite to my unknown. And all that comes with my utter confusion and your awkward silence, from one day to the next.

You can be a thorn in my side.

You're the most unpredictable person at your best. And all that comes with your erratic nature and unnerving persuasions. Pretentiousness seems to be your second nature. My ignorance only fuels my angst

because you're a complicated soul

And yet you remain to me, the most astonishing of those close to me. And all that comes with your brilliant mind and enviable ability. I find myself in awe of you.

And I feel simple

because you are easily the best thing I've ever had to call my own. Because I've seen whats behind that front, and to me it's beautiful. And yes I know what comes with being with you.

Trust me, I wouldn't change it for anything.

The End

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