I'm confused,

You see I thought that since I'm over you,

This would all stop.

I thought I'd stop caring what you thought,

Figured waiting would not weigh me down,

And yet I'm staring,

Heart pounding,

Waiting for some reply.

I guess once the heart opens,

Stretches out its delicate strands

And latch to a person,

It is almost impossible to break those bonds.

Some may change,

Emotions heighten or lessen.

Others twist in to foul, imbalanced things,

Where greed, lust, envy, tear us to pieces.

But whatever the link,

The one that spirals between you and I

Seems only to have altered,

Not in any specific way.

I cannot describe it,

I know things have changed,

But there's a hole inside me,

Where a part of our strand used to be.

The End

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