Stranded by

"Why are you always mad?"

She asks...

"Stop cursing at me!"

She yells...

"I don't like this..."

She cries...

"I feel like I'm lost"

I whisper...

Living within a rundown, overworked, ready to collapse vessel

No sails to catch a second wind

No rope to tie a life preserver, if I do...choose to jump ship.

Just one too many anchors, and not enough hands to pull them in

"I'm surrounded..."

I whimper...

By a sea of hopes and chances, but all I can see when I look in is no end.

I'm too scared to jump in and take a risk, even though... This vessel of mine is sinking.

But I'm not the captain, I don't wanna die with my ship.

"I don't want, this."

I show myself...

I am no deep sea diver, but I am no one to drown without giving a kick and a paddle.

"I'm not cursing at you, I'm cursing myself!"

I apologize...

"I'm mad because I'm gone, everytime I see me, I lose it!"

I tear up...

"I don't like this!"

She leans forward...

"I don't either..."

I hug her.

The End

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