Straight Rainbow

I lay in bed alone at night,

The sky was black, glowing with star-and-moon light,

Rain hammered on the window-pane,

And that was when the monsters came.

They had eyes of terror, claws of fear,

The voice of a million stifled tears,

They didn't look like monsters from story-books,

In day, they wouldn't get a second look,

They looked ordinary, just like you or me,

But they used their words to make you bleed.

They tore my heart into bloody strips,

As they spoke, and dropped knives from their lips,

They clawed at my face, my body, my hair,

Inside I screamed, but I told them I didn't care,

And when they decided it was time to go,

I locked them out, and told myself to take it slow,

I pulled the blankets close and shut my eyes,

And I told myself I mustn't cry,

And as the morning sunlight came,

I gave new meaning to my name.

I would tell nobody about the ghosts,

I deserved the cuts; it's what I chose,

I'd ignore it, take it on the chin,

And offer the world a painted grin;

After all, what other treatment could there be,

In store for somebody, a sinner like me?

The End

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