Story of the perfect goodbye

Family is all for this kid but soon he will have to say goodbye

Family is a key word in this kid's life, he only cares  about his family  because if he has a problem he knows  his family is going to be there for him.

This kid's dream was to become a professional  soccer player but he knew that he had to work more than others and sometimes got him discouraged but his family didn't let him quit and that was the kind of thing that made him love his family so much.

In school he  had a lot  of  friends but he didn't  spend a lot of time with them because his cousins were his best friends,  his happiest  moments were with his family but one day he woke up and his dad and mom looked at him at a strange way and - almost like  time had stopped - they stood there without even blinking and they told the kid something he would never forget.

The End

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