The Unicorn

She watched from the ground
as her family flew above
wings spread wide
as they hid the sun from view

She watched from the sidelines
as her brothers, sisters fought
somersaulting in the sky
with laughter echoing around

She watched from the nest
as they fell for the last time
her own wings too small, to feeble
to lift her from the ground

She watched from the grasslands
As they flew off to the clouds
she, already forgotten
the unicorn who couldn't fly.

She watched from the trees
her hooves tapping on the mud
before she set of running
to find flight without leaving the floor

She watched the world go by
as she raced below her family
the wind whipping in her eyes;
she knew she had found her place

she watched without sadness
and smiled at the sky
for though she was different she was not broken
She was they way she was meant to be

The End

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