She Remembered

She remembered:
Snow when she was younger
screaming, running, laughing
men with carrot noses
and tattered old grey coats.

She remembered:
Dragging her feet to school each day
ignoring the teachings, talking to friends
Homework exams and late night with coffee
the saying goodbye when it ended

She remembered:
First job interview
Tapping her fingers tapping her feet
voice shaking, gaining confidence
a smile when they said 'well done'

She remembered:
First love on a summers day
warm cheeks, sly smiles
the day she gained a golden ring
the day he moved in.

She remembered:
Years of love and marriage
their first child, of sleepless nights
first day of school, first argument
first parents evening, first holiday.

She remembered: 
sitting round a table
with her friends and family both
as they smiled, blinked their eyes
and said a small goodbye.

She remembered:
blinking, photo album in her hands
then the sound of sirens 
not knowing where they were from
the table fading from her gaze.

She remembered:
Crash, the sound of screaming
crying child, her eyes unopened
warmth of fire then the warmth of voice
then the cold of nothing at all

She remembered:
life flashes in your eyes before death
And she knew what she remembered
was an unfinished life 
fading before her eyes.

The End

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