The Dragon Girl

Sit down, my children, and I'll tell you a story
of good and of evil and of love in all glory
come closer, my children, and listen well
as I weave the strange magic of this stories spell.

 It all began in a land far away
Where golden knights rode night and day
to slay dragons and demons and evil around
for a vow of duty they had been bound 

It was every boys dream to grow to knighthood
to prove they were strong and to prove they were good
and it was every girls dream to meet these men
that stopped evil from ever striking again. 

But these friends were different; they didn't want war
They longed for peace and a dream for more
A life where they were not expected to be
different to others, dreaming to be free. 

So late one night when the land was in bed
The girl took the boys hand and they both fled
away from the village that pushed them for more
Away from the life of nothing but war.

 Now, my children, this is nothing new
every young person in love will choose what they do
But, my children, it doesn't end there
Our two lovers dreams end in a prayer 

For they ran without ending and without a map
And they ran into a dragons hidden trap
And the boy closed his eyes and blamed who he was;
If he had jut learnt to fight, it would not make them pause. 

But there was no way to change themselves in the past
But to survive and live now they would have to think fast
and escape the trap and vanquish the beast
Before the beast would vanquish them for its feast. 

The girl slowly grinned and put her finger to her lips
And grabbed hold of the rope in her tight grip
And she climbed out of the hole the dragon had made
And hid in a tree, ready to come to her friends aid. 

And soon the the flaps of great wings could be heard
the girl bit her lip to stop the escape of a gasp or a word
When she watched the dragon land eye to eye with her friend
Knowing the fear in his eyes was not the slightest bit pretend. 

But she narrowed her eyes and grabbed hold of a rock
And jumped onto the back of the dragon with shock
And with a roar she ended its life;
The girl a knight, her life, a knife.

 But in this land where the men where the hunters
where their kills were a game counted in numbers
girls would be shunned for wanting to join in
Laughed at by men with their heartless grins

 So when she pulled her friend from the hole
She shook her head and away she strolled
knowing acceptance was a useless thought
She would find her own way, alone- or not. 

For the boy grabbed her hand and walked by her side
While days turned to months and seasons grew and died
and after the years their story turned into myth
the gentle hearted boy and the dragon girl he was with. 

But, my children, that myth lives on
and those two friends are not gone
for, my children, it is her you see
the dragon hunter girl, once, was me.

The End

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