The Friendship

They met when she was broken
just a shadow of herself.
Her eyes cast down, to scared to look
at the hand he held down to her.

He pulled her up to her feet
but still she wouldn’t look
and when he raised her chin up high
she flinched and backed away

He took her to safety
yet she still hid away from him
and though he tried and tried again
she would never raise her eyes

For years they stayed together
though she never said a word
until the day he looked up to her
and met her eyes at last.

They met when she was broken
and broken she had stayed
for the fear of being hurt again
had kept her being that way.

But in that look to him, she knew
she had to change her ways
she took a breath and raised her eyes
and stuttered her first words in years.

He held his hands out to the girl
and, with a pause, she grabbed them
holding on like a lifeline
a lifeline she had never been given before

and through the days that passed them by
he learnt the past of the broken girl
but he never felt pity for her:
but pride that she had survived.

They met when she was broken
just a shadow of herself
But with a friendship forged in hope
she became herself once more

The End

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