How To Act with The End Of The World

The world was ending
the people were screaming
as they ran too and fro on the streets.
But he just sat inside at the table
drinking tea, watching them all with a smile

For he had a secret
that no one knew
A way to live past the end
For he had been building for years and years
a whole new system beneath their feet

Down and down
his tunnel went
To, it felt like, the centre of the earth
Where he had built a metal home
for himself, and himself alone.

So while the sun burnt
the land above
and people fought for their lives
He lived in comfort, never having to think
of those he had left behind.

But the tunnel was
deeper than he had first thought
and it had gone down to the core of the Earth
and when his metal home started to melt
he ran up and out to the world.

But people had lasted
on the broken planet
and had learnt to live in the scorching heat of the sun
and because he had never helped them once
they turned their eyes away

And the man realised
if only he had not
been as selfless in his plan
he would have lasted longer than a day
on the planet he once thought to beat.

The End

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