The Princess

Deep in a kingdom that nobody knows
a king that should not be there sat on a throne
while the princess whose title should have rose
withered away in a cold stone close. 

She looked down at her country from her high up cell
wishing someone could see her, stuck in her small hell
but no matter what she did, be it shout or yell
no one found her, in this place that she did dwell. 

The people she should rule thought she was dead
A rumour the fake king decided to spread
to stop people asking questions of why he was at the head
of the kingdom that had royalty, somewhere, royalty that fled. 

But the Princess refused to give into the man
and every day she was locked up she came up with a plan
and days turned to months as she dug to solid land
until finally she made it, and up she ran. 

Through the streets where the people turned
they knew by her eyes, the princess had returned
they followed her up to the castle gate, and the air burnt
with the anger of the people with the lies they had learnt. 

The fake kings face paled as she walked in
and she stole his crown with a careless grin
for the kingdom was hers, her rule must begin:
and she sat in the throne where she should have always been.

The End

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