The Vampire

Stories as poems and poems as stories.

Immortal. He stalked the world
Unchanging with the seasons that went by.
His name was whispered down the years
to warn people to stay away.
The times had changed him into
something that wasn’t a man.
He forgot compassion and he forgot love
he forgot emotion, how to care at all.

 Mortal. She was nothing
but naive and young and joy
when she set out on the quest
to find the immortal boy.
Everyone had warned her off
with tales of hate and death
but she was convinced the Vampire could change
to become a man once more.

 Laughter. That was all she heard
when the Vampire caught her spying
and took her back to his dark lair
thinking to ransom her back to her people.
But as he looked into her eyes
he stopped- but he didn't know why.
But where his cold heart used to lie
was a feeling he couldn't explain.

 Frightened. Finally, the girl felt it
From the red eyes of the monster holding her
Devoid of life and love and hope
she knew he was truly heartless.
But then something changed within him
a tiny spark of life.
And she watched as his eyes changed from red to blue
and watched as the vampire took a breath.

 Life. That was all he wanted
after a thousand years of nights
for the fear of stories had kept him alone
and turned him into the myth people believed.
But all the Vampire needed
was someone to help him through
and take away his loneliness
and believe him just to be a man

The End

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