Lightning struck with fiery thunder

Scattering beautiful thoughts asunder

Biding news of a brewing storm

As flitting birds scamper forlorn


The sky turned dark and menacing

Gusty winds noisily bellowing

As dreams and themes lay by the way

..Life’s Happy Moments thrown astray   


The peace and calm stood violently shaken

As pummeled memories lie forsaken

Peace and calm lay utterly shattered

Hopes and plans so utterly battered


Life’s wonderful moments strewn around

Destined trajectories like mists surround

Dusty storms blowing, as never to end

Crippling courage’s waning thread


Storms as always, do fade away

We pick strewn pieces once again

Carefully, Surely, so not one to miss

Planting each back on Life’s canvass 


Storms and winds, pits and troughs

Teach us ever to be strong and tough

If they were to stay away and clear

Miss them we would, as friends so dear

The End

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