Winds, rain, and hazards are hear to make you slowly quake in fear.

As the sweeping breeze turned violent

the children inside cried

the people feared for their lives

if they could only survive the night

surely it be gone by tomorrow

the hazardous winds rose some of the shackles from the roof

the retched grandfather clock toppled over

their screams rose

the roaring winds masked their cries

Mother Nature had more danger to send

trembling floorboards made the parents lose their footing

the tumbling, rumbling grew

the earth quaked with righteous fury

once the night was done nothing would be found

the storm assaulted the senses of those round

time was running out...

It's all over now

like the quick magician's bow

the show has ended

stepping around the broken shards of many years

cheers are countered in their throats with silence

who else has survived

could they ever return to normal

all that's left to see is destruction

they escaped havoc

to what cost?

The End

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