The Master of Deception

I bow to you
You take the art of deception to new heights
I thought you could not stab deeper than you already have,
But you surprised me.
Why is my each cry of agony
A source of inexpressible pleasure to you?
How can anyone be so inhumane?

I struggle to escape from your torture
But you have kept me in a vice- like grip
Entangled in the meshes
Of my own sorrow

But the worst part of it
Is that you dont even realize
The pain you're causing me
Cant you see,
That the smiles covering my face are forced?
That  each step I take is heavy, lacking life?
Don't you see the piteous glances I shoot in your direction?
How well must you know me
If you're oblivious
To my inner turmoil?
Its beyond me.

The End

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