Stop For A Moment

Days are just days,
They pass in a haze
To people who think like you.

Do you realize
In others eyes
How stupid you look? Do you?

Did you ever think,
That even the simplest wink,
Could mean something so much more?

Stop for a moment,
Look around,
Look at what can be seen,
Listen to any sound.

Stop for a moment,
Just exist.
Make up for those moments
You unfortunately missed.

Stop for a moment,
Just breathe.
Why don't you understand?
Why don't you believe?

Stop for a moment,
You won't be young forever.
Let your worries dissapear,
Just enjoy the weather.

Stop for a moment,
Please understand.
This isn't a day on the beach,
Filled with sea and sand.

Stop for a moment,
Live for the moment,
Because one day,
Everything will be gone.

The End

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