Stop Coping, Start Living

Written for a close friend who spent his life ust coping with everything he was thrown.
he never had the chance to really live it.

Standing on the edge of the beginning of the End

Clutching desperately for something solid,

Something real

But flailing dangerously

Because you lost yourself on the way…..


So now you wander through your life

Pretending its ok

But secretly drowning in your psychosomatic pit

Of self loathing and regret

Regret you weren’t there to help

To stop them

To save them maybe


Its not your fault

It never is

But still you blame yourself

Torturing your own happiness

For the sake of honour and pride

Because you can’t bear to be helped anymore


Used to surviving


The empathy they gave you was a lie

Your empathy means nothing if there is no honour behind it?

If you do it for a cause, to reach your own ends

For twisted ambition


So now you’re afraid of what lies your going to tell

But the truth will set you free.

And the truth has been decided before you made the mistake

So what can you change in this world

Except for how long it takes you to make that fall


Until you meet that person

Who can rip from you the world

You're only as sick as your deepest secrets,

And to them your deepest secrets are trivial

Just another thing that makes you, you


But there just as scared as you are

Fighting to stay out of their own thoughts

Because of what they did a long time ago

To change everything

So now you can breathe again

Because now the worst thing about staying in my own head is that

all I hear is my whole being screaming for you

The End

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