Stonehenge: SOLVED!

Aliens and funky biology theories! Click Me

I want revenge

Because I know the real reason for Stone Henge.

Bear with me

Cause this one's a grizzly!


Aliens landed upon our planet,

Crafted a great calendar out of granite,

Then altered mankind’s mind!

Making sure it was simpleton

By comparison

Capable of being hilarious, violent, and an embarrassment

To the true intelligence we are a joke, not even relevant!

All because they put our brain in a monkeys body,

And after many a monkey lobotomy,

Syringe pokings full of funky biology,

And other strange happenings with fancy technology--

They left us to live under a million hidden cameras!

They watch us

Yes, aliens stare at us!

We are their most successful show--

Broadcast on a scale that's universal.


The End

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