You are a stone of many names

Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst

The rock on my ring,

I’ve had you on my finger

Hung around my neck,

diamond on the link,

danced loosely on my wrist

shining with each whirl


You are a stone, varied,

Quarried; broken shards of quartz

Littered on the ground,

Pelting helmets after the explosion

Raining down in plumes of grey

Chunks of butchered earth

The size of fists, the size of ants

The size you chose to fall in.


You are a stone

Rolling up and down the steep hills

That block the flat horizon

And you spin in place

Across the vastness of the universe

Whilst scarring the dotted sky

With a trail of ice and beauty.

All these and more, but

a stone, nonetheless.

The End

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