Still Young

A random emo poem written in Maths :)

The worthless lump of a girl she was,

Left her house and left her town,

She left the school she hated so much,

Left the people whose lives she’d destroyed.

Through the thick snow she trudged,

Burning her bare feet,

She shivered in her thin nightie,

She’d left much too quickly.

It was a fast decision really,

All of a sudden she had to leave,

To make a new impression somewhere,

She could start again.

It would be a brand new life,

In a world so small,

A new beginning somewhere different,

She could pretend she was something else.

But forests are a scary place,

Full of darkness and desire,

And she was left to recollect

The leaving of her old life.

Before she left, she said an impassive goodbye

To sleeping mum and dad,

Her little brother, only young,

Wouldn’t remember the sister he’d had.

She hadn’t taken with her though,

Anything that would remind her,

Of the life she left behind,

Of the photos in the fire.

Lost, alone, and scared to hell,

The girl of only twelve,

Swiftly turned around to see

A shadow looming near.

“It’s just pretend,” she told herself,

Time and time again,

But pretend things can’t hit you,

Can’t call you ugly names.

The next day, she was at home again,

With mum, dad and their son,

And she’d been hurt so so so much,

By their punches, words and scorn.

She was told for what seemed the hundredth time,

She was a naughty, nasty girl,

And the bruises and scars would remind her,

What would happen if she did that again.

“So running away didn’t work,” she thought,

“And I’ll be found next time too,”

She hadn’t even lived her life,

But she already longed for death.

That night, locked in her room,

To prevent her escape once more,

Her soul finally left her there,

Hanging on her bedroom door.

The End

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