still waters run deep

bare,simple,artless,remains the minimal that meets the eye

an elementary smile , a sparse stare , a beautiful white lie

because just a glance tells nothing of her agonising pain

engrossed in the pandemonium she calls her life, oh the shame!

her enticing beauty beckons to men far and wide

but still waters shallow, run deep when u get inside

because u see this damsel, tranquil ,modest

lives a life of extreme guilt unknown to the rest

her eyes reluctant to tell the true story where this river flows

still waters run deep but only that river knows

she carries blisters unseen ,tattoed on her heart

they plague her but they'll always be there

they were from the start

the burden she carries a curse to her kind

the hope that she carries, that one day peace she'll find

she's broken beyond repair there's no going back

this maiden this beauty will forever be under attack

but she covers up so well you'd never know

her feelings ,great afflictions ,she'd never show

sorrow defines her every inch of living

while her life is based on heartbreak and grieving

she's simple,she''s beautiful ,she's  free

but still waters run deep, just take it from me


The End

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