Still Love You

I believe I wrote this about the sick, lying, cheating b*****d I dated for a while.

A broken world,
May only survive,
When I have you,
Standing by my side.

A twisted mind,
May only exist,
When you,
Are far away.

A broken heart,
Can only mend,
When you are there,
To pick up the pieces.

When you are here,
I am whole,
My world survives,
An I am happy.

So why,
Have you left?
To leave me and my world,
To slowly rot.

You've broken my heart,
Beyond repair,
And I just keep wishing,
You were here,
To pick up those tiny pieces.

But when I turn around,
To give you a smile,
Your not there.

So I cry,
And let out every emotion,
That I've been keeping inside.

I sob those,
Three wonderful words.
"I love you"

The End

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