Still Life?

This piece was inspired by a still life I drew for my Mock Leaving Cert Practical Art Exam.

Still Life?

Crunchy, courageous cabbage,
Queen of the countryside,
Bustle skirts that kiss the air,
like an earthen rose.

Carrot twins rest in your arms,
Shy turnip blushes puce,
Proud pepper beams by your side.

This is not a drawing test,
But a testament to your character.

You, Cabbage Queen, are a masterpiece.
True art, raised by
Trees and Breeze and Seas and Sky.
Soul of soil, you embrace them all,
Opening your arms to the sun's smiles, the rain's tears.
Stretching your roots,
To the depths of hope.

Yet all that lives must die.
So now I dye you into immortality,
Strokes of shade, light, and emerald green,
Immortalise my mortal muse!

Still life?
Living still.

The End

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