Still I Dream of You

Sleeplessness has been cast upon me

Cheek to cotton

lids battle the remaining trace of moonlight

sifting through the blinds

body sinks heavily into its denial

that when the sun lifts this star stained blanket

it will be naked of reason

auto pilot

sub conscious takes the wheel

crash lands off map

A place I caged under oceans

gave the key to a flaming piece

of space waste


here we are

for the fourth time this week

Your lips taste like something explosive and impossible

I lose my poetic grace as arms slip around my waist

legs tremble, as your eyes quake everything it is I am

ripping me inside out.

There is nothing but that voice

whispering deadly words exposing the core of my being.

wake up

wake up

wake up

this was truth once, not to be truth again.

Wake up

The End

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