Light pierces the blinds and drapes over my shut eyes. I unwind my muscles and scrunch my face as my eyelids slowly part inviting the afternoon shine.

I lean on the windowsill and stare at the blue sky. last night a reoccurring dream I openly invite.

The night dimmed with a new day rising. You closed your arms around me, and opened my world. Warmth of your body, excites my heart. Each breath I draw syncs with yours. My knees become wilting flowers as I stumble back. I want to look at you but too many thoughts weigh me down.

But yet you still stay and smile. My coldness is a blizzard you'd willingly bare.

You place your soft warm hand on my blushing cheek. My heart calms. My breath becomes mine again. A chill pushes my head up.

I draw a deep breath in and smile as I gaze upon your face. The moonlight makes jewels of your eyes, and in them I catch the my reflection.

Infinite are the possibilities from this moment on, but the time being is all that matters. Eyes close and lips meet as we become the sunrise.

Memory flickers to reality.

I smile from my windowsill, what we had then, I know is still.

The End

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