Stiletto heelsMature

I stepped in the door a saw a pair of heels

Stiletto heels the kind I can never wear

Envy turned into a landslide of despair

The sheets were in disarray

You didn’t even see me grab your wallet

I took your visa and bought myself a bathing suit

Changed in a bathroom stall

And walked until my feet hit some sort of body of water

A puddle…a ditch…a stream


I ain`t got anything eloquent to say

No great truths revealed, through clear pools or even tea leaves

Just go fuck yourself

I don`t care why

I know who I am

Too quiet, too tender, too meek…

But you bring out the devil in me…

There were so many things I wanted to reveal…

So many words I could only ever tell you


I took your Visa and bought myself some peace and quiet

When the police come looking for me

Will you tell them that this isn`t in my nature…

How the hell do you know?

After all this time…all this time you’ve be clearing the way to just break free

What do you really know about me?

I’ve ran before

On my knees in a telephone booth

Crying to the dial tone

I cry when I’m sad and my eyes burn with acid when I’m mad

Intensity bleeds from my pores


I talk in run in sentences

Skimping over syllables

Trying to get to what I really want to say

Thoughtful to the very end

But now I feel…I feel so irrelevant

Did you secretly want me to be bolder?

I was as bold as my life would let me

But you don’t care

You want glossy breasts and milky thighs

And that laugh…that laugh that carries on

Go fuck her in all means and manners

You never needed my blessing before…

Don’t dare act like you need it know

All I need is to close my eyes

Drift into the shadow of a weeping willow

Overlap the reflection of a cloud

Float away from this oblivion.

The End

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