Sticks and Stones

Would you like to see my rock collection?

The best ones are smooth, reminiscent of a riverbed

I jump into a puddle and splash with my green rubber boots, splish-splash

Dropping the smooth stone back in, ker-plop!

Rippling the water into circles of ascending size

I peer in and see my reflection smiling back at me.

Second best are those little crooked ones, dug up at a building site

By a huge orange excavator, BRRRRR

Unloaded with a big, loud noise PUH-PUH!

Into a dumpster not far from my house

They smell of damp, moldy earth that reminds me of winter.

Nearby I see an old tree that has fallen in the storm

With glee, I pick up a long, thick branch and feel its smooth brown surface

And walk about like Moses, making miracles.

If you come to my house

I will show you my toy car, its trunk loaded with leaves of all colors

Brown, green, yellow and red

No matter that they are all dry now

I love seeing them piled up there, and adding more and more

Then closing the trunk with a BANG

And driving off swiftly to explore what I haven’t yet seen.









The End

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