I was sure I loved you

But I am not so sure anymore

Was it just sex that I wanted?

When you came knocking at my door

Were we fabulous in bed?

But nothing more!


I couldn’t tell you my secrets, pain or more

When I think about it was it

Sexual love and nothing more!?

Did we have a relationship?



think so                                                                                                

Let me tell you more

We were intimate and close

Great lovers we were

Never again will I love someone more

You placed me on a pedestal 

And I did to you too

All for the wrong reasons as

It was just for sex

You knew it too

You talk of respect

And how much you have

But there is no respect

You never did have.

With respect

There would be honesty

But boy not with you

You were a liar

A bastard, the devil, so untrue

You made me believe I was the only one

When really I was just

Another one

You gently manipulated it all

Until you had me at your beck and call

You stole my love

And that’s a fact

And now I have come I hate you for that


You say you miss me

Loved me true

What a liar you are so untrue

But I play along and tease

Oh boy do I do

And get great pleasure from doing it to you

For the passion I had for you

Is no more

I hate you

Do you know that?

Because I don’t think you do

Or you wouldn’t come knocking at my door

That I am sure

I wait for the day

My day it will be

Revenge I will seek

How? I am not too sure

But one day it will come

And God help all


I hope for you to feel

The severity of pain

The Emptiness in your sole

Never to reach your heavenly gain

But to rot in the fires of hell

Chained to the devil’s front door

Begging for forgiveness

From us all


You stole  

My years

My heart

My sole

You destroyed who I was

Just filled me with tears

And nothing more

I’ll hate you for that

For ever more


I look forward to hearing you

Keep knocking at my door

Now I hate you so much more

It’s a pleasure to open the door





Tracey White


The End

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