Stealing Lines

Just keep walking away

She said, "we're going straight through the storm"

I say we've been there for a while

At least, it feels like it's been raining forever

I'm listening to that song again

The one that makes me cry

When I should be listening to you

Singing me to sleep.

Sleep wont come now, love

Not when my heart is breaking again

Not when the rain is pouring again

And I'm here without you.

I guess it doesnt matter

I cant even find the words

Just keep walking away

I only wish that you would stay.

It's that time of night

When nothing is right

When nothing is real

Just tell me you love me.

Or keep walking away.

[The lines "keep walking away/ I only wish that you would stay" from the song Queens Boulevard by Archie Star. The line "We're going straight through the storm" was someone's facebook status today. I swear I'm not a poet.]

The End

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