Stealing Adolescents

This poem was inspired by a personal life event. It was written June 8, 2013.

Shadows along the wall,

Silhouettes are singing,

Little girls in the hall,

Doorbell starts ringing.

All motion stops,

Everyone's at attention,

Heartbeats drop,

Curiosity raises suspicion.

This is the day,

The time has come,

To take her away,

Happiness turns to glum.

Ignorant and young,

Innocence soon robbed,

The smallest starts to run,

Reaching for the knob.

All their lives spent,

In this cold, rugged house,

Their bond was meant,

To be kept quiet like a mouse.

Separation soon awaited,

Someone would soon be gone,

This moment had been fated,

Everyone knew all along.

The smallest is now absent,

A void has taken her place,

Among all the adolescents,

Another will soon be replaced.

The End

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