Stay Silent

Stay silent

So no one knows

The talent your mind holds

Stay silent

Or they'll judge

Your options

Your life

Why put yourself through the strife?

Stay silent

So you can observe the world

But keep the knowledge for yourself

If you spoke the truth 

They'll bring you hell

They'll hurt you for

Speaking the words

They hide in a blur

Stay silent

So you can't bring this world 

Any good

Or bad

If you changed the times

They'll go mad

Riots and power

Overcomes society

Don't speak or arguments will rise

Stay silent

Be the good little angel

Only bring the actions 

To provide for others

The servant who won't utter a word

Stay silent


Be obedient

Live the life your pushed to live


Speak out

Change society

Break the rules

And be the power

That cause the riots

Bring the awareness

To the horror of the world

That your eyes observed

Sing your words

That bring change to life

Put ideas into others

Be powerful

Don't rely on others

To follow

Have them walk alongside you

The goodness your mind holds

Can be the future

All you have to do 

Is speak

The End

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