The Paw of the Lion

I remember going to the zoo once.  Out of all the animals there I loved the Lions the best.  Oh but that had been over 40 years ago.  Now I searched the classifieds for an apartment.

I'd taken care of mother and father for most of my late forties and early fifties.  Now that they were gone, I couldn't deal with the upkeep of the estate, it was worn, dilapidated and too big for me.

I wasn't sure what I wanted but, felt I would know when I found it.  I circled the ad for the one bedroom with a view of the beach, it sounded lovely.  When I arrived Mr. Herman was sweeping the front drive.  The little apartment sat in the rear of the property, there was a walkway that led to it.  The house in the front was large.

I didn't really like the idea of being in the rear but, decided I would go ahead and walk through.  It had french windows all through, in fact that is what the front door was.  There was a living room, a little kitchen with a breakfast nook..  We walked through, it was cute but, in the rear.. then we came to the bedroom.. It was airy, bright, the ceiling was slanted, with just enough room for my bed and for me to stand under.  But what truly got me, were the french windows that opened onto a little patio, and  at each end, shaping the view to the beach, were two statues. 

I smiled and told Mr. Herman I would take it.  I wrote him a check, he handed me the keys.  I went outside and sat on the huge paw of one of the Lions..

The End

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