State of the Union


The Supreme Court are the secret-agent hooded badasses,
the Ninjas.
They can't be fired.
they're old
they dress like wizards
they don't stand up to clap
because they decided as a group, 
it would be in the nation's best interest if they were to appear
to be unbiased toward the various "opinions" that people have.
Impartial to various "concerns" that people have.
for They, the Supreme Court, are above that.
Hope for America, jobs for millions, 
Increase Pell Grants for college students...
Don't care.
Supreme Court here, hello.

The Generals.
not as cool as The Nine,
but smoother, and a little less,
Plus, they probably killed a guy.

"All of our combat troops out of Iraq, by the end of this August."
that's interesting.

I know they put a camera
on the chandelier
and you can see the wily legislators
yawning or applauding, split in groups
along the semicircle,
and that one woman wearing yellow...

But is it really that important?

"Last week the Supreme Court decided..."
Camera. Supreme Court. We.
The stern.
The wise.
Supreme Court.
And that one young one,
he mutters to himself
"well, that's not exactly what we--"
But no one hears.

The point is, 
It made Nancy Pelosi cry.
And she matches Biden's tie.
But Obama went for red,
to bridge the gap.
To make a statement.
I, President Obama, urge you...
But the Justices
are still

"I never said it would be easy, or that I could do it alone..."

Stop crying, Pelosi.
Stop clapping, Biden.

People should be more like ninjas.
That's what I think.

The End

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