State of our union

Hmmf. I thought this phrase was my witty invention! But so much for that. There is actually a website out there called precisely that and monitors the state of marriages in America !

Oh Well

What is the state of our union?
If I may solemnly theorize
perhaps on its very last throes
on its way to imminent demise

Your smile that I once found so fascinating
Your loving gaze converted into a dull stare
They have fixated to just beyond my shoulder
"It's over" your language so silently declares

We longer greet each other
We no longer even share a bed
We speak only to complain about each other
and many times leave it unsaid

The cause was left undiscovered
for our union unwilling to fight
Our hostility reached new boundaries
We simply stayed out of each other’s sight

Now we live separate lives
trying to forget the pain
vowing never to enter a union
and experience such love again

The End

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