Shaken Foundations

As everything he had come to know and hope for crumbled before him. The very foundations upon which he had shapes his life had become shaken. Everything he thought he knew, everything he had hoped for, everything that made his life worth living were now erased in that fragment of a moment. His knees shook with every step, his eyes filled with resentment, his attitude was just as bitter as his cold stare. He resented his life, the people around him, the things he once loved. He become angry, and fearful, and careless. His anger become a part of him, as a seed blossoms into a plant, so did his anger grow within him. It showed in the brief glimpses you'd catch in his eyes as you saw him walking down the street, you could hear in the way he talked, you could even sense the hypothetical steam rising from his head. His friends barely talked to him as they could hardly stand him any more. They looked out for him still, yet they kept their distance as they knew not what to do. He was no longer the boy we once knew. He continued to play sports, watch television, and work. He did not know what enticed him to continue as he resented each and every activity as though it were to be the death of him. Although he thought to himself sometimes, death could be the escape, the beginning of a new experience, a way to leave behind the anger and resentment and fear that encompassed his very being.

The End

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