Here you go. I couldn't resist.
I wrote this one around a month ago.

She shattered his perfect eternity
With her diamond-cut tears,
For oh, how he lit up
the night
(her heart)
with his smile.

And perhaps he had forgotten her dim glow
While he was among the planets
Chasing florous tails of
Comet dust.
But now, the night was darker.
Now, her shine was brighter.
And he could not sleep, he opened his eyes,
He was not the Sun, for he was alive.

She told him to look up at the stars, and
They whispered him truth
They watched over him, she said, for
They loved him.

The sky was overcast, the night dark, and
All the stars had gone to sleep-

But he never once noticed the star sitting right beside him.

The End

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