I look up at that star in the dark night sky,

Strong and proud and burning brightly,

It’s beauty astounding,

Not to be taken lightly.


I smile, comforted by its presence,

Watching guard over me,

Keeping me safe from the dark,

Allowing my mind to be free.


I stumble through the night,

Guided by its glow,

It has seen so much,

All at high and low.


Yet does it judge,

Decisions gone past?

No, it just lights the way,

So this peace may last.


Yet when this beacon flickers?

Who will bolster defences?

Protect from harm,

Not under false pretences?


Who will step up?

Mark the baseplate?

I volunteer, for the light,

Has given me clean slate.


Protect this light,

From the cruel, dark world.

Protect from pain,

Others have hurled.


I have nothing to gain,

From this act of kindness.

As the light gained nothing,

From guiding my blindness.


I look up at that star in the dark night sky,

It’s beauty astounding,

Its friendship treasured,

Its love unbounding.

The End

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