So Long (Song)


Drag me back to darkness,

Fingernails on wood,

Trying not to listen,

Though I know I probably should.


Love is painful forgiveness,

Buttercups on broken skin,

Slicing open passion and fear,

That formulate my sins.


I have,

Lived life,



I have,

Fallen over,

I have,

Sailed to Dover.


I am,

Not afraid,

I am,


I am,


And I will,

Keep on living


Dreaming of chocolate and sensual songs,

Drowning in what I love,

Time for a bath in cyanide,

To cleanse the impure blood.


Fight for ways to recognize,

The demons in your head,

For the dangerous hungry hunters they are,

Before your brain ends up dead.


Take your hangman’s noose,

Save it for someone else’s throat,

I am refusing fate,

I will not step on that boat,


Take care, ferryman,

I'd like to shake your hand,

But I know if you touch me,

I will never be free,

So long.

The End

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