Winter Scene/Resolutions

You stand talking to me

But I do not hear a word you say,

My mind is fixed on your hands,

Trembling fingers, coarse, tanned,

And tipped pink from the icy cold.


The snow falls in small crystal flakes,

This white winter wonderland around us is lost on me,

I cannot concentrate on anything else but you.


Your eyes dart around you,

Your hands fluttering like birds long gone for winter,

Testing the wind,

Testing me and my new years resolutions.


I do not even dare to breathe,

My mouth opening and closing

As I watch you run your long pink tongue delicately across your bottom lip.


You are beautiful in every way,

The wind is ruffling your hair,

The snow settling on your eyelashes

Turning you into a greek god in a wintertime setting.


Every girl in her right mind would give anything

To be where I am right now,

But all I can think of is:

'Light the damn cigarette.'

The End

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