A fuzzy feeling swarms
Along the threads of sanity.

For just one brief moment,
I could fly.

So much power
Beneath each fingertip,
Crying out to the wind
As open ended dreams
Trail in a bloody wake,
Cut short by an arboreous standstill.

You found me here,
Your cool voice penetrating the broken shell,
But not enough to entice an ounce of movement.

It felt like a lifetime,
Flashing lights, darkness,

They didn't have to do much to free me,
From the tomb of broken plastic and twisted metal.
I'd eggshelled my helmet on the tree trunk,
Like an acrobat, flipped the fence,
And danced with the immovable objects of nature.

Yet even when the operation was done,
The haemorrhaging thoughts stopped,
And I woke from the black abyss....

My main concern. I turned to you and asked,

 "Dad? Is the bike ok?" 

The End

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