The Strength In Her Reflection

Strength it comes with wisdom,
 For oh, the world is cold.
 Wisdom with experience,
 Be you young or old.

 She hurts like Vlad's dear victims,
 On barbs you cannot see,
 But smiles like Cleopatra
 On the arm of Antony.

 For though she's going under,
 She's a star in company,
 Putting on the bravest face
 When faced with you and me.

 Falling far back to the finish,
 We will soon forget her past,
 Not thinking of the future,
 Time alone, she'll have to pass.
 As she loses herself,
 Inside the arrow of her mind,
 It's the straight flight of thought
 That leaves emotion far behind.

 While lacking in love,
 She never ceases to amaze,
 Those who think she'll give up,
 And yet she still plays.

 Does her best to separate,
 Her right from what is wrong,
 No stopping this train,
 For the show must go on.

 There's a strength in her reflection,
 Her daddy told her so,
 Cheer up my little duckling,
 For you have yet to grow.

 So if the complexity of her solitude,
 Threatens to shatter,
 She'll turn to the world and say
 Nothing's the matter.

The End

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