My Stuttering Silence


Are feelings of love and compassion,

I cannot express

In any form.


It seems in every button fumbling,

Carpet stumbling step I take,

My body language has also failed me.


-I close my eyes upon the first note,

And I could almost be standing

Beside a deaf man, hearing his piano playing, he cannot but feel.

It is beautiful.

If he found a way to express himself then surely,

Surely I can too?

My problem seems trifling in comparison to his.

But then-



It matters not how trifling it may seem,

For even Shakespeare could not do my love a justice,

Da Vinci could not paint my smile at all,

Nor could the famous Michelangelo capture the picture of my heart's song,

No matter how big the ceiling,

Or wall.



If actions speak louder then words,

One would think that surely it must be understood

Words would fail me,

Even if I could speak my feelings...




But my actions remain stilted,

Jittery and stiff.

I must hold my feelings within,

Count to ten...


And try to push through this loudly stuttering silence,

And try,


And try again.



The End

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