Somewhere (Song)

Somewhere in the world,
There's a broken boy or girl,
And they're trying to find the sunshine in the rain.

Somewhere on this Earth,
Someone doesn't know their worth,
And they're trying not to focus on the pain.

Won't somebody light a candle?
Won't somebody sing a song
To chase away the darkness
Like an overprotective Mom,

Won't somebody hold a hand out
And whisper in an ear,
"I'll give you all my love
And you can give up all your fear."

I know what's in the world,
Because I've been that boy and girl,
And I have scars that almost no one gets to see,

Almost gave up my time on Earth,
Because I didn't know my worth,
Until I found somebody who sees Me.

So I'll try to light the candles
And sing you all a song,
To chase away the darkness
'Til you feel that you belong,

I will stand here with my hand out,
Offer all that I hold dear,
And I will give you all my love,
So you can give up all your fear.

The End

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